Men's Leather Jack Casual Shoe

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Blending the grace of genuine cow leather upper with the style of a two-tone sole with a bumper, the shoe is sure to enrich your collection of casual sneakers. Team this shoe up with any casual outfit to add an edge of trendy elegance to your profile.  


  • Genuine cow leather
  • Lining: Sheep Leather (Beige)

  • Socks: Sheep Leather (Comfort Patch)


  • TPR; Light


Shoe constructed on Cemented construction



  • Designer detailing
  • Genuine Leather outer material
  • Protective bumper on the toe
  • Ideal for casual use
  • Genuine Leather upper
  • Latex cushioned for comfort



Check out our size guide page to see UK, US, and EU shoe sizes.


Shoe last shape

The last shape used to construct this shoe is listed below.

SKU: I20-1127-2

Last Name: SU-07


Size: 40

Ball Girth: 245mm  :  Length: 267.68mm

Size: 41

Ball Girth: 249mm   :  Length: 276.84mm

Size: 42

Ball Girth: 253mm  :  Length: 281mm

Size: 43

Ball Girth: 257mm   :  Length: 288.66mm

Size: 44

Ball Girth: 261mm   :  Length: 295.66mm

Size: 45

Ball Girth: 265mm   :  Length: 305.65mm


Fit guide

At Haleskein, we appreciate that the fit of a shoe is absolutely as important as the look, so we have attempted to make our sizing guide as thorough and as detailed as possible.


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Made with Full grain Leather

We use premium quality leather in making our formal shoes